The Chief Counsel's Office is the Energy Commission's full-service legal office. Its attorneys advise the Commission in a myriad of programs under the Commission's jurisdiction, from power-plant licensing and energy forecasting, to developing building and appliance energy efficiency standards, and administrating grants for energy research and development, clean transportation, and renewable energy programs. In addition, Chief Counsel's Office attorneys represent the Commission in administrative proceedings before other state agencies and federal agencies, and in judicial proceedings in state and federal court.

The Chief Counsel's Office is organized into four units: (1) Advocacy and Compliance, (2) Hearing and Advisory, (3) Regulatory and Advisory, and (4)Transactions. To view descriptions of these units, please visit the Chief Counsel's Office webpage.

The Chief Counsel's Office accepts applications for paid summer internships. Filing deadline: January 31, 2022.

While the Commission does not guarantee permanent employment, the Chief Counsel's Office appreciates the service of interns, and in recent history, has hired three former interns for full-time employment.

Candidates who are law students and interested in the legal intern program should submit:

  1. a cover letter explaining the student's interest in an internship with the Commission,
  2. a résumé, 
  3. two references, at least one of them from the student's work experience, and
  4. one writing sample of no more than 10 pages in length, consisting of an objective memo or an advocacy piece.

To Patty Paul or mail to:

California Energy Commission
Attn:  Patty Paul
715 P Street – MS 14
Sacramento, CA 95814

We invite law students to consider an internship with the Chief Counsel's Office of the California Energy Commission. The Commission is an equal opportunity employer and the Chief Counsel's Office strongly supports diversity in our workforce and interns.