Hydrogen refueling station counts are updated quarterly by the California Energy Commission staff administering the Clean Transportation Program funding for these stations. 

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FCEV: Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle 

FCEB: Fuel Cell Electric Bus 

FCET: Fuel Cell Electric Truck

Hydrogen refueling station: A station that fills an FCEV with hydrogen as a transportation fuel.  

Fueling position: A unique physical location at a hydrogen refueling station dispenser by which an FCEV can fuel using a hose, simultaneously, with other types of vehicles fueling from other hoses and dispensers.

Open retail station: A station that meets stringent standards and is open to the public for the retail sale of hydrogen for use in FCEVs.  

Planned station: A hydrogen refueling station in permitting, construction, or commissioning phases.

Temporarily Non-Operational (TNO): A hydrogen refueling station that has previously achieved open retail status but has been unavailable for customer refueling for an extended period of time for various reasons. A TNO station is expected to become available for customer fueling again in the future. Currently seven Light-Duty Open Retail stations located in Riverside, CSULA, Ontario, Palo Alto, LAX, Anaheim – E. La Palma, and Anaheim – North Euclid are TNO.

Multi-Use: A hydrogen station that serves multiple uses, including light-duty FCEVs in one public fueling area and FCETs or FCEBs in a separate fueling area.

Data as of: May 15, 2024

Dashboard Last Updated: May 23, 2024

For the real-time station status, please visit the Station Operational Status System website.

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