This data is anticipated to be updated no later than April 30, 2025.

Light-Duty vehicle population is updated annually in April to reflect the number of vehicles “on the road” during the selected calendar year. Light-Duty zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) population is lower than new ZEV sales because of vehicle retirements, accidents, owners moving out of state, or other reasons. Dashboard is best viewed from a computer. Visit full page layout of dashboard, download data, or return to the dashboard collection page.

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ZEV: Zero Emission Vehicles, includes BEVs, PHEVs, and FCEVs

BEV: Battery Electric Vehicle

PHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

FCEV: Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Non-ZEV: Non- Zero Emission Vehicles

MSA: Metropolitan Statistical Area

Data as of: December 31, 2023

Dashboard last updated: May 01, 2024

​Data Collection Information​

  • Frequency of Historic Data Collection
    Year. Prior to 2018, the DMV provided the CEC with database snapshots twice a year, in April and October. Starting In 2018, the DMV began providing quarterly database snapshots allowing CEC staff to align the sales and population counts with the calendar year. However, transitioning to calendar year causes a discontinuity in the counts from 2016 to 2017, where 2017 includes registrations from October 2016 through the end of December 2017.

    Additionally, registrations of new vehicles may take up to three weeks to be processed by DMV. Thus, vehicles purchased at the end of a reporting period may not be reflected until the subsequent snapshot. This is corrected for at year-end for both population and sales by updating the January database with the April database to capture vehicles that registered at the end of the previous year. Vehicles whose registration is either current or less than 35 days expired are counted in Vehicle Population.
  • Regional Data Categories
    Map Filter. Data can be reflected at the county, metropolitan statistical area (MSA), or ZIP code level. Individual registrations were assigned to a region based on mailing address, with the following exceptions:
    • Out of State: vehicles registered in California with a mailing address in a different state
    • ZIP Code “99999”: indicates that the ZIP code in the Vehicle Registration database was invalid
    • Unassigned: remote areas not associated with an MSA
    • Unknown: Invalid ZIP codes categorized under MSA

California Energy Commission (2024). Light-Duty Vehicle Population in California. Data last updated [insert date last updated]. Retrieved [insert date retrieved] from


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