SB 1368 Emission Performance Standards - Public FAQs

How can I be notified when utility consideration of investments subject to the Emission Performance Standard (EPS) takes place or the Energy Commission is considering the compliance of an investment proposed by a local, publicly owned electric utility?

The Energy Commission maintains a list server, whose members are notified by e-mail when information regarding public consideration by a utility of proposed investments is updated.

To be added to this list, simply fill in your e-mail address in the space in the left hand column and click the submit button.

Can I see the materials provided to the Energy Commission by the utilities in support of their applications for a compliance determination?

Can I see the Energy Commission staff's evaluation of the investment?

Compliance filings and requests for exemption are ruled upon at Energy Commission business meetings.

When can I inquire about or comment upon an investment under consideration by my utility?

The public is encouraged to inform themselves about decisions being considered by their local utility; various statutes require that deliberation on major investments by utilities be undertaken in a public setting. Persons interested in learning more about public notification requirements should contact their local utility.

Energy Commission staff are also available to answer questions regarding the EPS and investment compliance. If you have questions that remain unanswered after discussion with representatives of your local utility, you may contact the Energy Commission at the address at the bottom of this page.

Finally, Energy Commission Business Meetings, at which Commissioners rule on compliance filings and requests for exemptions, are open to the public.


Notice of Creation of Master Distribution List for SB 1368 Notifications

Please follow the sign up proceedure contained in the above notice.
If you have any questions, or would like additional information about the master list or the modified SB 1368 regulations, please contact Michael Nyberg at,
or (916) 654-5968

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