Related Information

Energy Efficiency in the Public Power Sector

Progress of energy efficiency and demand reduction programs in the public utility sector.

Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act - SB 350

SB 350 increases California's renewable electricity procurement goal from 33 percent by 2020 to 50 percent by 2030.

Emission Performance Standard - SB 1368

The standard limits long-term investments in baseload generation by the state’s utilities for power plants based on greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Storage Targets - Publicly Owned Utilities - AB 2514

The energy storage targets database houses reports that the publicly owned utilities submit.

Petroleum Industry Information Reporting Act Reporting Requirements - PIIRA

The Petroleum Industry Information Reporting Act requires qualifying petroleum industry companies to submit data to the Energy Commission.

Title 20 Reporting for Electric and Natural Gas Industry

Mandatory reporting of electric generation, consumption, and natural gas data for the energy industry in California.