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Tuesday, September 14, 2021
01:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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Remote Access Only

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To interested parties:


Please join us for an upcoming Demand Analysis Working Group (DAWG) meeting on September 14, 2021 from 1:00-5:00 pm to review and discuss updates to EV charging load shapes for the 2021 Transportation Energy Demand Forecast (TEDF).


Staff will first present their forecast of transportation fuel prices. Staff will then provide an overview of the EV Infrastructure Load Model and the updates to inputs and assumptions to this model. Staff will present the impacts that these updates have on the light-duty vehicle charging load shapes. Lastly, staff will spend the remainder of the meeting focusing on updates to the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle charging load shapes and solicit feedback on these load shapes. Updates this year include expanding MD-HD vehicle charging load shapes from three broad categories of vehicle classes to load shapes for eleven vehicle classes.


Energy Commission staff will facilitate discussion on the topics listed below. During the meeting, attendees are encouraged to ask questions, offer other resources, and provide critical feedback.

  • Transportation Fuel Price Forecasts
  • Overview of EV Infrastructure Load Model
  • Light-Duty Vehicle Load Shapes
  • Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Load Shapes
    • HEVI-LOAD Model Overview
    • Load Shape Inputs and Assumptions
    • Modelling Results

An agenda and materials will be posted in advance of the September 14 webinar to the DAWG webpage: https://www.energy.ca.gov/programs-and-topics/topics/energy-assessment/demand-analysis-working-group-dawg.


The workshop will be held via webinar-only.




Future meeting announcements will be sent only to the Demand Analysis Working Group list. To subscribe: https://www.energy.ca.gov/programs-and-topics/topics/energy-assessment/demand-analysis-working-group-dawg.


Please direct questions to: Heidi Javanbakht at Heidi.Javanbakht@energy.ca.gov or Alex Lonsdale at Alexander.Lonsdale@energy.ca.gov.