DAWG allows detailed technical discussion of complex forecasting issues in a working group forum of experts who can compare notes, trade ideas and resolve differences in a more informal setting than allowed at typical Energy Commission workshops.Topic areas of discussion include inputs to and development of demand forecasts, modeling assumptions and techniques used to produce the forecasts, approaches for ensuring transparency, and uses for demand forecast results. DAWG meets regularly, either as the full working group or in four key subgroups, colloquially known as “Pups.”


The Demand Forecasting Subgroup provides a forum to share and discuss methodology, input data assumptions, and policy assumptions related to electricity and natural gas demand forecasts in California. The forum is a catalyst for improving the quality, comprehensiveness, and transparency of demand forecasts and related data inputs, particularly those forecasts presented and/or discussed during the Energy Commission’s Integrated Energy Policy Report process; as well as, the subgroup will integrate these forecasts into resource planning decisions.

The DAWG’s Energy Savings Subgroup provides a forum to share and discuss electricity and natural gas load impacts from energy efficiency, including historic, current and future accomplishments of a variety of efforts designed to encourage the efficient use of energy. These include codes and standards, and programs implemented by investor-owned utilities (IOUs) and publicly owned utilities (POUs).

The Distributed Generation Subgroup shares information regarding demand-side distributed generation (DG) and capture opportunities for improving the approaches to reflecting demand-side DG in demand forecasts and procurement decisions.

Demand Response workgroup integrates technologies, policies, programs, strategies and practices that automatically manage the communication and electricity-related actions of the grid to dynamically respond to real-time electricity supply conditions and market pricing. 





Demand Analysis Working Group
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