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Item_01a_300-15-007_California Clean Energy Fund dba CalCEF Ventures_ADA.pdf 170.41 KB
Item_01b_Huntingting Beach Energy Center-Order-7-27-21.pdf 123.72 KB
Item_01c_CalSHAPE_Program_Guidelines_ADA.pdf 770.64 KB
Item_03_CEC Preliminary 2022 Summer Supply Stack Analysis_ADA.pdf 429.55 KB
Item_04a_CEQA Resolution BEES_ADA.pdf 116.66 KB
Item_04b_Resolution adopting 2022 Energy Code_ADA.pdf 278.22 KB
Item_05_AB3232.CEQA_Memo_and_Resolution_Aug.2021.pdf 229.73 KB
Item_06_ARV-21-023_Equilon Enterprises LLC dba Shell Oil Products US_ADA.pdf 633.34 KB
Item_07_ARV-21-029_H2B2 USA LLC_ADA.pdf 664.4 KB
Item_08a_ARV-21-007_City of Long Beach_ADA.pdf 614.81 KB
Item_08b_ARV-21-018_The Regents of the University of California, Irvine_ADA.pdf 380.57 KB
Item_08c_ARV-21-019_InCharge Energy, Inc._ADA.pdf 408.41 KB
Item_08d_ARV-21-020_Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District_ADA.pdf 498.33 KB
Item_08e_ARV-21-021_Central Concrete Supply Co. Inc._ADA.pdf 392.56 KB
Item_08f_ARV-21-022_The Regents of the University of California on behalf of the Irvine campus_ADA.pdf 311.49 KB
Item_08g_ARV-21-024_Oxnard Harbor District_ADA.pdf 423.25 KB
Item_08h_ARV-21-026_Port of Stockton_ADA.pdf 356.28 KB
Item_08i_ARV-21-027_The Regents of the University of California, Riverside_ADA.pdf 345.34 KB
Item_08j_ARV-21-028_San Diego Association of Governments_ADA.pdf 307.02 KB
Item_08k_ARV-21-030_San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority_ADA.pdf 440.26 KB
Item_10a_EPC-21-008_The Regents of the University of California, on behalf of the San Diego campus_ADA.pdf 366.47 KB
Item_10b_EPC-21-009_OnTo Technology LLC_ADA.pdf 565.83 KB
Item_11_AlamedaRec_Memo_Local.Efficiency.Std_ADA.pdf 160.54 KB
Item_12 21-0715 BM Minutes_ADA.pdf 209.11 KB
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