CEC staff reserve the right to remove equipment from the eligible equipment lists as needed to ensure the successful implementation of the Solar Equipment List program.

CEC staff will be removing the following equipment that has been identified as having an invalid or expired safety certification. The identified equipment will be removed after the indicated Date of Potential Removal in the Equipment Identified for Removal spreadsheets below. The information provided below constitutes notice of equipment identified for removal. Each manufacturer identified below has a limited opportunity to provide updated information to support maintaining the listing(s) of the identified equipment.

Notice of Removal from the California Energy Commission’s Solar Equipment Lists

The California Energy Commission has indication the safety certification for equipment listed on the Solar Equipment Lists may have expired. In accordance with the “Guidelines for California’s Solar Electric Incentive Programs (Senate Bill 1), Seventh Edition” (SB 1 Guidelines), Appendix A, section B, the CEC may remove any equipment due to expired safety certification.

This letter serves as your official Notice of Removal. The equipment listed in the directory below is subject to removal if proof of current certification is not submitted to the CEC.

Proper proof of certification will consist of a safety certificate meeting all of the following requirements:

  1. Signed or stamped, and dated by a NRTL
  2. Indicates the safety standard
  3. Specifies the equipment model number(s) certified
  4. Defines all the wildcards in the equipment model number(s)

For equipment to remain on the Solar Equipment Lists, proper proof of certification must be submitted no later than 30 calendar days from the Date of Notice identified by the Equipment Pending Removal spreadsheet by email to SolarEquipment@energy.ca.gov.

If equipment is removed from the Solar Equipment Lists a new listing request, adhering to current listing requirements, will need to be submitted for CEC’s review and approval.

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For any questions regarding the equipment lists, please contact the Solar Equipment Call Center

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