The Energy Commission Agreement Management System (ECAMS) is being developed to support the administrative tasks required for grant recipients. On this page, you will find guides, forms, templates, and other resources to assist project administration. These resources are currently applicable ONLY to grant agreements that have signed ECAMS-compliant Terms and Conditions.

Templates, forms, and tools for the invoicing process and agreement management in general.

Budget Templates

Invoice Templates

Budget and Invoicing Support Documents

Invoice Review Tools 

Documents to Use When Reviewing An Invoice:

To View Full Contents of Invoice Review Templates:

Agreement Management Documents

At this link, you will find specific guidance on each budget category and other topics relevant to budgets and invoicing.

At this link, you will find specific guidance on frequently asked questions.

These Training Slides and Recordings are made available for Recipient and CAM reference. For access to the previously-posted pilot training recordings and slides, please reach out to ECAMS.Support@energy.ca.gov.

Training Slides and Recordings

The below will provide you with access to help, or a means to provide feedback on the ECAMS process.


  • To receive help on the invoicing process within one business day, send an email to the ECAMS support team at ECAMS.support@energy.ca.gov.


Whether you are a Recipient or a CAM, we would greatly appreciate you feedback on the invoicing process.

  • Post-Invoice Survey: to be completed by CAM and Recipient once after the training invoice and once again after the first standard invoice. The surveys should be completed after the invoice has been scheduled for payment with State Controller's Office.
    ECAMS Invoice Survey
  • General feedback can also be submitted to the ECAMS support team at ECAMS.Support@energy.ca.gov.



Active Agreements