The fourth edition of the CEC’s style manual, which explains the required format, is available below. Reports written and submitted to the CEC should follow the fourth edition.

Style Manual and Templates for Consultant Reports

Energy Commission's Style Manual: Fourth Edition.
Published April 2020.

Style Manual Addendum: 2017 Condensed Style Guide for California Energy Commission Reports. (CEC-180-2015-002-ADD) Published July 2017.

Document Template - Word for Consultant Reports (Updated: September 2019)

Use the Final Report Template - Word for Final Project Reports for the Clean Transportation Program, formerly known as the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program. (Posted 10/22/2021)

Major Updates Since Last Edition

There have been changes throughout the style manual correcting errors and mistakes. The following are the main updates since the previous edition.

  • The new cover has the CEC logo on the top-left corner and the Natural Resources Agency logo in the top-right corner. The MPCO Editing Unit prepared this style manual using one of several report templates that ensure the content is accessible to readers with disabilities.
  • The margins on the sides and the bottom of each report template page have been reduced to allow more text on the page, thus reducing the amount of paper used.
  • The list of acronyms in the chapter “Preparing Consistent, Accurate Reports and Report Content Styles” has expanded. These acronyms can be used on subsequent references in the abstract and executive summary of a CEC report.
  • In the “Glossary” subsection, MPCO requests that an acronym be not only spelled out, but defined.
  • The chapters “Word Use and Misuse”; “Energy Commission Presentations”; “Required Elements for Fact Sheets, Brochures, Posters, and Other Types of Printed Materials”; “Submitting Files to the Media and Public Communications Office”; and “Use of the California Energy Commission Seal” have been deleted. Information from these chapters will be available on EnergyNet, the CEC’s intranet site available only to CEC staff. The information can be found by clicking the icon “Document Production and Notices.”
  • This style manual includes a chapter on document accessibility for impaired readers. The chapter outlines instructions on checking a report for accessibility compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • The abstract should be on an odd-numbered, right-hand-facing page.

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If you have questions regarding the report format, please contact your contract manager at the CEC or the Media and Public Communications Office, at 916-654-4989.

Consultants and contractors should not contact the news media or do any public relations regarding the results and conclusions of their investigations or about their reports or documents.