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GI Partners
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Backup Generating System
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Small Power Plant Exemption
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GI Partners proposes to develop the Bowers Backup Generating Facility (BBGF or project) at 2805 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, California. The BBGF would be an emergency backup generating facility with a generation capacity of up to 72 megawatts (MW) to support the need for the Bowers Data Center (BDC) to provide uninterruptible power supply for its tenant’s servers. The BBGF would consist of 32 Tier 4 compliant diesel-fired backup generators arranged in a generation yard located on the north side of the BDC. All 32 of the generators would be dedicated to replace the electricity needs of the data center in case of a loss of utility power, and, additionally, to support redundant critical cooling equipment and other general building and life safety services. Project elements would also include switchgear and distribution cabling to interconnect the generators to their respective portion of the building. 

Small Power Plant Exemption

The CEC Small Power Plant Exemption (SPPE) process allows applicants proposing thermal power plants between 50 and 100 MW to obtain an exemption from the CEC’s jurisdiction and proceed with local permitting rather than requiring CEC certification. The CEC can grant an exemption if it finds that the proposed facility will not create a substantial adverse impact on the environment or energy resources. These facilities were exempted from the CEC’s jurisdiction.


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