Energy Assessments

California has some of the most ambitious climate and energy goals in the world.

Energy Efficiency

California Energy Commission adopts energy efficiency standards for appliances and buildings, which reduces air pollution and saves consumers money.

Energy Research and Development

Learn more about the California Energy Commission’s research, development and demonstration programs.

Energy Systems Infrastructure and Environment

California Energy Commission conducts geospatial, environmental, and engineering analyses to help guide renewable energy infrastructure development.

Equity and Diversity

The Energy Commission is committed to ensuring that all Californians enjoy the benefits of cleaner, more efficient energy.


California Energy Commission investments that accelerate the development and deployment of low- and zero-emission transportation fuels.

Load Flexibility

California Energy Commission projects to encourage and improve load flexibility, which is adjusting load according to electric grid requirements.

Power Plants

Supplying electricity to the homes, farms, and businesses in California requires reliable electrical generation that delivers power to the grid.

Renewable Energy

California is leading the nation toward a 100 percent clean energy future and addressing climate change.


California Energy Commission investments in projects that support innovation and accelerate the development of advanced transportation.