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Modesto Irrigation District
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80 MW
Stanislaus County
Combined Cycle
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Small Power Plant Exemption
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On May 4, 2001 the Modesto Irrigation District (MID) filed a Small Power Plant Exemption (SPPE) to request approval from the California Energy Commission to construct an 80-megawatt (MW) nominal natural gas-fired combined cycle generating facility. The project would be located on a 2.5 acre portion of an overall 7 acre site with an existing 49.4 MW generating facility on Woodland Avenue, in Modesto, California, County of Stanislaus.

The 80-megawatt natural gas-fired combined cycle will consist of one modern combustion turbine and a condensing steam turbine. The project will use a convention drum-type heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), or a once through steam generator (OTSG) HRSG. Expansion of the existing switchyard will also include two new bays. Approximately 1.2 miles of new 69kV subtransmission line, approximately 6 miles of system reinforcements to an existing Pacific Gas & Electric natural gas supply line, and approximately 1 mile of new water line would be constructed as part of the proposed project.

Small Power Plant Exemption

The CEC Small Power Plant Exemption (SPPE) process allows applicants proposing thermal power plants between 50 and 100 MW to obtain an exemption from the CEC’s jurisdiction and proceed with local permitting rather than requiring CEC certification. The CEC can grant an exemption if it finds that the proposed facility will not create a substantial adverse impact on the environment or energy resources. These facilities were exempted from the CEC’s jurisdiction.

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Docket Log (01-SPPE-01)

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