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1,056 MW
San Bernardino County
Combined Cycle
Project Status
Operational (Natural Gas-Fired)
Project Type
Application for Certification
Project Description

The Mountainview Generating Station (MGS) is located on a site at the Northeast corner of San Bernardino Avenue and Mountain View Avenue in San Bernardino County. MGS is bounded by the Santa Ana River/Wash and industrial and commercial complexes.

The MGS is a 1,056-megawatt combined cycle power plant consisting of two generating units (Unit 3 and Unit 4). Each unit consists of two General Electric (GE) 7FA.04 combustion turbines (CT) and one General Electric Model DI 1 steam turbine. Southern California Edison (SCE) plans to replace the CO catalysts on the four existing combustion turbines.

The original project proponent was Thermo Ecotek and the Application for Certification was filed with the Commission on February 1, 2000. AES then purchased the power from Thermo Ecotek.

In April 2003, Intergen (a Shell-Bechtel venture) purchased the Mountainview Project from AES. Ownership of Mountainview Power, LLC, later changed hands to Southern California Edison.

On March 9, 2016, the California Energy Commission approved a Post-Certification Amendment (TN 210701) to replace certain combustion section components (turbine blades, nozzles and associated structural elements) with Advanced Gas Path components on the four combustion turbines.

  • Approval of Request to Change Mountainview Power Project Condition AQ-C2 to Allow the Use of Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel in Conjunction with 1996 ARB Certified Engines in Lieu of Soot Filters, TN 21398, 07/06/2001, Staff approval to eliminate the soot filter requirement and replace it with a requirement to use 15 or less ppm ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel in diesel powered construction equipment and uses 1996 certified diesel engines on all equipment over100 bhp. 
  • Approval of Integration of New or Re-Powered Generating Units with CAL-ISO, TN 21918, 08/09/2001, Staff approval to add Condition of Certification TSE-4 to ensure coordinated integration of new generating unit with California's electricity grid. 
  • Approval of Request for Additional Laydown Area, TN 22080, 08/15/2001, Staff approval of additional laydown area in agricultural lands south of existing construction parking. 
  • Approval of Request for General Arrangement Amendment Changes to Conditions of Certification AQ-9 and AQ-10 and Addition of Condition WQ-8, TN 22349, 09/10/2002, Staff approval of general site reconfiguration, separation of HRSG exhaust stacks, underground transmission, transmission interconnection facilities, reduction in emergency generator size, changes to the cooling towers for gas turbines and existing boilers, changes to the maximum and minimum design ambient operating temperatures of gas turbines, and increases of NOx startup emissions. 
  • Approval of Project Changes to Allow Use of Caterpillar Model 3512B and the Deletion of Condition of Certification AQ-19, TN 24026, 01/09/2002, Staff approval allowing use of an emergency generator powered by a Caterpillar model 3512B electronically controlled diesel engine. This would necessitate the deletion of Condition of Certification AQ-19. 
  • Order Approving a Petition to Modify Air Quality Conditions of Certification, TN 32334, 09/14/2004, Order No. 04-0908-05, Commission approval modify emergency fire pump model, size of the black-start emergency engine, tuning emissions and duration, and turbine start up mode to allow more flexibility in commissioning, tuning and start-up emissions and durations. 
  • Order Approving a Petition to Amend the Natural Gas Pipeline Alignment, TN 32547, 10/15/2004, Order No. 04-0616-03, Commission approval modify various alignments of 17-mile natural gas pipeline to reflect final design. 
  • Order Approving Petition to Delay Completing the Color Treatment Application of the Power Plant to Within 90 days After the Start of Commercial Operations, TN 35450, 09/07/2005, Order No. 05-0824-03, Commission approval to modify the timing for completion of the color treatment application of the power plant from prior to first turbine roll to 90 days after the start of commercial ops. 
  • Notice of Insignificant Project Change to Modify the Equipment Description of the Emergency Power Generator, TN 36144, 01/04/2006, Staff approval to revise the equipment description of the emergency power generator shown on Page 43 of the Decision for the Mountainview Power Plant to reflect the current equipment model (Caterpillar 35128) as approved by the South Coast Air Quality Management District in June 2005. 
  • Order Approving Petition to Increase the Volatile Organic Compound Emissions Limits and Change the Equipment Description of the Emergency Diesel Generator, TN 37314, 07/07/2006, Order No. 06-0629-26, Commission approval to increase the volatile organic compound emissions Units within AQ-11 and AQ-12 and to delete AQ-19 to allow the plant to operate in compliance with the conditions of certification. 
  • Order Approving Transfer of Ownership, TN 51913, 06/10/2009, Order No. 09-0603-01e, Commission approval Transfer ownership and operational control from Mountainview Power Company, LLC to Southern California Edison Company. 
  • Order Approving Petition to Amend to Replace Hot Gas Path Components, TN 210701, 03/14/2016, Order No. 16-0309-03, Commission approval for the replacement and upgrade of internal components in the gas turbine hot gas path. 
  • Order Approving Petition to Replace the Carbon Monoxide Catalysts on the Four Existing Combustion Turbines, TN 221511, 10/16/2017, Order No. 17-1011-05, Commission approval to replace the carbon monoxide catalysts on the four existing combustion turbines. 

  • Statement of Staff Approval. TN 24290, 3/29/2022, Staff approval to install electric vehicle charging stations.

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Power Plant Certification and Exemption Processes

The CEC has the exclusive authority to certify all thermal power plants 50 megawatts (MW) and larger and related facilities proposed for construction in California. The Application for Certification (AFC) process is a certified regulatory program under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). As a certified regulatory program, the CEC does not prepare environmental impact reports (EIRs) in an AFC proceeding, but instead prepares environmental assessment documents that are functionally equivalent to EIRs. A certificate issued by the CEC is in lieu of any permit, certificate, or similar document otherwise required by any state, local or regional agency, or federal agency to the extent permitted by federal law, and supersedes any applicable statute, ordinance, or regulation of any state, local, or regional agency, or federal agency to the extent permitted by federal law.

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