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330 MW
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Operational (Natural Gas-Fired)
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Application for Certification
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The Tracy Combined-Cycle Power Plant (TCCPP) is in an unincorporated portion of San Joaquin County, southwest of the city of Tracy, approximately 20 miles southwest of Stockton.

TCCPP was approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC) on March 24, 2010. The license allowed the project developer, GWF Energy, LLC to modify their existing 169-megawatt (MW) simple-cycle Tracy Peaker Plant (TPP) (01-AFC-16C) that was certified by the CEC in 2002 and began operation in 2003.

TCCPP is a 330 MW natural gas-fired, combined-cycle generating facility consisting of two General Electric Model PG 7121 EA combustion turbine generators (CTGs) equipped with a dry low NOx (DLN) combustor system to control the NOx concentration exiting each CTG. TCCPP also includes two onsite 115-kilovolt switchyards, a natural gas supply interconnection, an electric transmission line, an approximately 1,470-foot water supply pipeline, and improvements to an existing dirt access road approximately one mile in length.

TCCPP also consists of an air-cooled condenser. Annual water use for evaporative cooling of inlet air (when ambient conditions dictate) and for make-up water for the steam cycle is approximately 54 acre-feet per year. Water is sourced from the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District via the Delta-Mendota Canal adjacent to the project site.

On July 30, 2015, the CEC approved a Post-Certification Amendment (TN 205634) to allow project owner to use alternative water supplies (four alternatives are proposed) to avoid being forced to reduce or suspend operations. All alternative water source options could use temporary onsite infrastructure.

Tracy Peaker Plant

Docket Numbers: 01-AFC-16 and 01-AFC-16C

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As required by the Warren-Alquist Act, the Energy Commission monitors projects under its jurisdiction throughout construction, operation, and closure to ensure compliance with the conditions of certification imposed for approving the projects.

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