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Modesto Irrigation District
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95 MW
San Joaquin County
Simple Cycle
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Small Power Plant Exemption
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On April 21, 2003, the Modesto Irrigation District (MID) filed an application for Small Power Plant Exemption (SPPE) seeking an exemption from the California Energy Commission's licensing requirements.

MID proposes to construct and operate a 95-megawatt (MW) generation plant called the Modesto Irrigation District Electric Generation Station (MEGS). The project is proposed to be located on a 12.25-acre site at South Stockton Avenue and Doak Boulevard in Ripon, California, in San Joaquin County and will occupy approximately six acres near the northern side of the project site. If an exemption is granted, the applicant will need to secure the appropriate licenses and permits for the project from various local, state and federal agencies.

The 95-megawatt natural gas-fired simple cycle plant will consist of two General Electric LM 6000 SPRINT combustion turbines. Part of the proposed project includes the construction of approximately 1/4-mile of new 69-kilovolt sub-transmission line and fiber optic cable, approximately 1/4-mile of new eight-inch natural gas supply line, and water supply and wastewater tap lines into the existing City of Ripon lines located on South Stockton Avenue.

Small Power Plant Exemption

The CEC Small Power Plant Exemption (SPPE) process allows applicants proposing thermal power plants between 50 and 100 MW to obtain an exemption from the CEC’s jurisdiction and proceed with local permitting rather than requiring CEC certification. The CEC can grant an exemption if it finds that the proposed facility will not create a substantial adverse impact on the environment or energy resources. These facilities were exempted from the CEC’s jurisdiction.

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Docket Log (03-SPPE-01)

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