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386 MW
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Operational (Solar Thermal)
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Application for Certification
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The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS) is a concentrated solar thermal plant in the Mojave Desert. It is located at the base of Clark Mountain in San Bernardino County, California, across the state line from Primm, Nevada.

ISEGS is a 386 megawatt (MW) project consisting of three individually certified solar concentrating thermal power plants, based on distributed power tower and heliostat mirror technology, in which heliostat (mirror) fields focus solar energy on power tower receivers near the center of each heliostat array. ISEGS Power Plant 1 is a nominal 120 MW plant located on approximately 914 acres and consists of 53,500 heliostats; Power Plant 2 is a nominal 133 MW plant located on approximately 1,097 acres and consists of 60,000 heliostats; and Power Plant 3 is a nominal 133 MW plant located on approximately 1,227 acres and contains 60,000 heliostats. Each site has a single receiver and heliostat array.

In each solar plant, one Rankine-cycle reheat steam turbine receives live steam from the solar collector located in the power block at the top of a tower. Each plant also includes two natural gas-fired steam boilers: an auxiliary boiler and a nighttime preservation boiler. The auxiliary boiler is used for thermal input to the steam turbine during the morning start-up cycle to assist the plant in coming up to operating temperature. The auxiliary boiler is also operated during transient cloudy conditions, in order to maintain the steam turbine.

Each solar plant uses dry cooling to conserve water and limited to a combined 100 acre-feet per year of water for plant operations.

Power Plant Certification and Exemption Processes

As required by the Warren-Alquist Act, the Energy Commission monitors Commission-certified energy projects throughout construction, operation, and closure to ensure compliance with the conditions of certification imposed by the Commission’s Final Decision for approving the projects.

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Docket Log (07-AFC-05)

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