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The SEGS VIII facility was an 80-megawatt capacity solar thermal electricity generating system facility for the Southern California Edison transmission grid located near Harper Lake, in San Bernardino County.

The facility was certified by the CEC in March 1989. The following describes key dates associated with decommissioning of the SEGS VIII facility:

  • May 1, 2020: Luz Solar Partners, Ltd., VIII submitted a Decommissioning Plan to the CEC.
  • July 23, 2020: CEC Staff Analysis concluded that the activities proposed in the Decommissioning Plan would not have a significant effect on the environment or on an environmental justice population and would be consistent with applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and standards, as required by General Compliance Condition DECOM-1.
  • August 20, 2020: CEC issued the Notice of Determination approving the SEGS VIII Decommissioning Plan.
  • October 21, 2021: CEC issued a full Notice to Proceed with Decommissioning Activities for SEGS VIII.
  • April 15, 2022: SEGS VIII decommissioning is scheduled to be complete (final inspection date).
  • Certificate of completion from the Designated Chief Building Official, stating that all DecommissioningPlan requirements have been met, is anticipated by or before April 29, 2022.

On May 11, 2022, the CEC approved a petition for termination of SEGS VIII’s certification and jurisdiction over the project site.

  • Order Approving Amendment of Air Quality Condition of Certification 1-11, Not in Docket, 06/28/1989, Order No. 89-0628-23b, Commission approval to reword/clarify Air Quality condition of certification 1-11. The amendment is a clarification of the language in the Condition.
  • Approval for Use of Water Well and Farmhouse in Section 30, Not in Docket, 07/07/1989, Staff approval to allow for the use of a water well and farmhouse located in Section 30.
  • Approval of Post Certification Change to Luz· Segs VIII Air Quality Conditions 1-1 and 1-2, Not in Docket, 08/14/1989, Staff approval of the request for a post certification change to Air Quality Conditions 1-1 and 1-2.
  • Approval of Post Certification Change to Biological Resources Condition 4.E and to BRMIP Conditions 4.4 and 5, Not in Docket, 08/16/1989, Staff approval to change Biological Resources condition of certification 4.E and BRMIP conditions of certification 4.4 and 5
  • Approval of Post Certification Change to Socioeconomics Condition 5-2a School Mitigation, Not in Docket, 10/10/1989, Staff approval to change the language in Socioeconomics condition of certification 5-2A.
  • Approval of Verification Measurement of Cooling Tower Operation, Not in Docket, 10/05/1990, Staff approval to alter the means of measuring the hours of cooling tower operation, as per the verification procedures for Condition of Certification No. 24, from measuring the operating hours of the circulating water pumps to measuring the induced draft fan operating hours is approved.
  • Approval to Install a Gasoline and Diesel Dispensing Facility for the SEGS Units VIII and IX Projects, Not in Docket, 10/10/1991, Staff approval to install a gasoline and diesel dispensing facility to provide fuel solely for vehicles and equipment associated with the operation and maintenance of the SEGS Units VIII and IX projects.
  • Approval to Modify the Heat Transfer Fluid Heaters for the SEGS VIII and IX Projects, Not in Docket, 03/12/1992, Staff approval of changes to the Heat Transfer Fluid Heaters to improve the operational reliability and safety of the heat fluid transfer heaters for both the SEGS VIII and IX projects.
  • Order Approving Modifications to the HTF Heaters, Not in Docket, 06/10/1992, Order No. 92-0610-01, Commission approval to change the HTF Heaters to make them more reliable and safer.
  • Approval of Change in Operator, Not in Docket, 06/16/1992, Staff approval to appoint UC Operating Services as the new operator for both the SEGS VIII and IX Projects.
  • Order Accepting Harper Lake Company VIII and IX as General Partner, Not in Docket, 06/24/1992, Order No. 92-0624-01, Commission approval of Harper Lake Company VIII and IX as general partner of both the SEGS VIII and IX projects.
  • Notice of Post Certification Project Change for Dust Control Water for the SEGS VIII and IX Projects, Not in Docket, 04/05/1993, Staff approval of change in Water Source for Dust Control at the SEGS VIII and IX sites for a period of approximately four months.
  • Commission Order Approving SEGS VIII Biology Condition 4F, Not in Docket, 12/14/1994, Order 94-1214-01, Commission approval of change to Biological Resources condition of certification BIO-4f conditioned on the execution of the “Agreement For Mitigation of Impacts on Desert Tortoises Along Harper Lake Road by Luz Solar Partners Ltd. VIII And Luz Solar Partners Ltd. IX" and “The Harper Lake Road Monitoring And Fencing Agreement.”
  • Notice of Post Certification Change for a Minor Project Design Change, Not in Docket, 03/21/1995, Staff approval change draft fans B-255 and B-256 for HTF Pair H-220 and H-230 to improve the HTF heaters performance.
  • Order Approving Change of Operator of The SEGS VIII and SEGS IX Projects, Not in Docket, 03/18/1998, Order No. 98-0318-01a, Commission approval of change in operator to ESI Operating Services for the SEGS VIII and SEGS IX Projects.
  • Approval to Build Water Treatment Building at SEGS VIII and SEGS IX Facilities, Not in Docket, 04/29/1999, Staff approval to construct a new building and water treatment system in the common area of the SEGS VIII and SEGS IX projects.
  • Approval to Construct Firewalls at the SEGS VIII and SEGS IX Facilities, Not in Docket, 07/26/1999, Staff approval to construct firewalls between the transformers near the power block of the SEGS VIII and SEGS IX projects.
  • Order Approving a Petition to Amend Biological Resources Condition BIO-11k, Not in Docket, 04/26/2000, Order No. 00-0426-10, Commission approval to change Biological Resources condition of certification BIO-11k. The modification will require HLC to allow the Bureau of Land Management pumping rights of up to 75-acre feet of ground water a year out of its base annual production for maintenance of the Harper Lake wetlands.
  • Adoption Order Approving Air Quality Modifications for both the SEGS VIII and SEGS IX Projects, TN 21008, 06/19/2001, Order No. 01-0510-09, Commission approval to change Air Quality conditions of certification regarding NOx Emissions for both the SEGS VIII and SEGS IX projects.
  • Approval of Elimination of 16 Hours-Per-Day Limit on Fossil Fuel Electrical Generation at SEGS VIII and IX Facilities, Not in Docket, 11/05/2001, Staff approval to eliminate 16 hours-per-day limit on fossil fuel at the SEGS VIII and SEGS IX projects
  • Notification of Administrative Name Change, TN 51423, 05/04/2009, Notification of operator name change from FPL Energy Operating Services to NextEra Energy Operating Services.
  • Approval of Requested Modification to Construct a Building and Fire Water Suppression Systems, Not in Docket, 06/18/2009, Staff approval to construct a building and fire water suppression system for the project's cooling towers.
  • Notice of Determination for Approval to Add Additional Loops within the Plant Boundary, TN 61241, 06/29/2011, Staff approval to add additional loops of mirrors within the plant boundary on the east side of the SEGS VIII Harper Lake site.
  • Notice of Determination for Approval to Add New Foundation and Containment Structure for a Spare Transformer for Both SEGS VIII and SEGS IX Projects, TN 67281, 09/24/2012, Staff approval to add a containment structure that would be located between the solar fields of SEGS VIII and SEGS IX, for the storage of a spare transformer.
  • Notice of Determination for Approval to Construct a 1,600-Square-Foot, Single-Story Building, TN 201203, 11/14/2013, Staff approval to construct 1,600-square-foot, single-story building to be used as a combined employee break room and training/conference facility.
  • Order Approving Transfer of Ownership from Luz Partners Ltd., VIII, To Terra-Gen, LLC, TN 224787, 09/24/2018, Order No. 18-0921-01d, Commission approval of ownership transfer from Luz Partners LTD., VIII to Terra-Gen, LLC.
  • Order Approving the Construction of a Batter Energy Storage System for both SEGS VIII and SEGS IX Projects, TN 233901, 07/16/2020, Order No. 20-0708-04, Commission approval to construct a battery energy storage system, with a maximum capacity of up to 80 MW, between the SEGS VIII and IX facilities to serve both facilities.
  • Order Approving Decommissioning Plan and County Oversight of Decommissioning Activities, TN 234364, 08/19/2020, Order No. 20-0812-04, Commission approval of Decommissioning Plan and County oversight of decommissioning activities.
  • Order Terminating Certification, TN 243041, 05/11/2022, Order No: 22-0511-01d, Commission order terminating CEC certification of the SEGS VIII project.

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Power Plant Certification and Exemption Processes

As required by the Warren-Alquist Act, the Energy Commission monitors projects under its jurisdiction throughout construction, operation, and closure to ensure compliance with the conditions of certification imposed for approving the projects.

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