Graph of Clean Transportation Funding Recipients

Source: California Energy Commission. Totals may not match due to rounding. As of April 2022. “Disadvantaged communities” are defined as communities within the top 25 percent scoring areas under CalEnviroScreen, as well as areas of high pollution and low population (such as ports). “Low-income communities” are defined as communities that are at or below 80 percent of the statewide median income. 

The Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program supports innovations in a broad portfolio of transportation and fuel technologies that help California meet its energy, clean air, and climate change goals. The program is investing approximately $4 billion over five years, leveraging public and private investments to accelerate the development of clean, efficient, zero-emission technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum dependence. Equity is a CEC priority, and approximately half of CTP investments are in disadvantaged communities or low-income communities.

The CEC is committed to equitable allocation of Clean Transportation Program funds. As part of this commitment, the Clean Transportation Program Community Benefits Framework is intended to identify, track, assess, and improve the benefits that Clean Transportation Program investments provide to various communities. The CEC welcomes participation from community members, tribes and local governments, community-based organizations, advocacy groups, and all stakeholders on how CTP funded projects may directly benefit or serve communities. The CEC values and benefits from public input regarding what benefits the CTP provides, how these benefits should be measured, and how they can be improved. 

CEC staff anticipates releasing a draft Community Benefits Framework for public input in Spring 2024 and plans to use the final framework to improve CTP implementation  moving forward. 

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