The California Energy Commission holds a number of proceedings that include workshops, hearings, meetings, rulemaking, assessments and other actions.

Appliances Efficiency Standards - Rulemaking

Federal and Administrative Updates for the Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations

Rulemaking to provide general amendments to the Appliance Efficiency Regulations.

Appliances Efficiency Standards - Pre-Rulemaking

Commercial Food Service Equipment

The California Energy Commission is initiating an order instituting rulemaking for future efficiency standards.

Dipper Wells

Appliance efficiency regulations for dipper wells.

Irrigation Controllers

Irrigation Controllers to improve the water efficiency of landscape irrigation controllers.

Low-Power Mode

Appliance efficiency regulations for Low-Power Mode.

Power Factor

The California Energy Commission invites interested stakeholders to submit information regarding Power Factor to this docket.

Water Closets

Appliance efficiency regulations for water closets.

Building Energy Efficiency Standards

2025 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Pre-rulemaking

Pre-rulemaking activities for the 2025 Building Energy Efficiency Standards are underway. Learn about workshops and how to submit comments.

Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician Certification Requirement Proceeding

Proceeding to determine if only certified acceptance test technicians perform acceptance testing of mechanical systems in non-residential buildings.

Modifications to Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing Program Requirements

Proceedings to move the field verification and diagnostic testing program requirements from Title 20 to Title 24 and to make program improvements.

Energy Assessments

Order Instituting Informational Proceeding for Gas Decarbonization

Decarbonizing California’s gas system will reduce the state’s dependence on fossil gas and fulfill climate goals.

Order Instituting Informational Proceeding on Distributed Energy Resources in California’s Energy Future

Proceeding on Distributed Energy Resources in California’s Energy Future.

Power Source Disclosure Pre-Rulemaking

Pre-rulemaking activities for the Power Source Disclosure Program are underway. Learn more about past and upcoming efforts here.

Senate Bill X1-2 Implementation

Implementation of SB X1-2 supports the state’s policies regarding petroleum industry data collection, reporting, and transition from petroleum fuels.

Energy Research and Development

Electric Program Investment Charge: 2021-2025 Investment Planning (EPIC 4)

EPIC Investment Plans helps the CEC continue to provide the innovations and leadership essential to meeting California’s energy and climate goals.

Load Flexibility

Pool Controls

A proceedings page with all documents for the pool controls docket.

Renewables Energy

No active proceedings at this time.


No active proceedings at this time.


Clean Transportation Program Community Benefits

The CEC is developing a framework to better identify, track, and improve community benefits provided by the Clean Transportation Program.

Communities in Charge

One of the CEC’s block grants to provide incentives for the purchase and installation of light-duty electric vehicle chargers.

Energy Infrastructure Incentives for Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicles (EnergIIZE Commercial Vehicles)

EnergIIZE Commercial Vehicles provides zero-emission vehicle infrastructure incentives for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (21-TRAN-04).

Replacement Tire Efficiency Program Proceeding

Tire Efficiency Order Instituting Information Proceeding

Zero Emission School Bus and Infrastructure Funding Guiding Principles

Learn more about the Guiding Principles for the Zero Emission School Bus and Infrastructure (ZESBI) funding.