The California Energy Commission will implement Senate Bill 49 (Skinner, Chapter 697, Statues of 2019) by adopting feasible and cost effective standards considering a list of priorities and factors outlined in statutes (e.g., cost, benefits to consumers, alignment of energy demand and supply, and maintain grid reliability).

When determining cost-effectiveness, the CEC may consider the following:

  • The cost of flexible demand appliances compared to nonflexible demand appliances
  • The value of increased or decreased emissions of greenhouse gases associated with the timing of an appliance’s use
  • The life-cycle cost to the consumer from using a product that complies with the standard

The California Energy Commission invites interested stakeholders to submit information regarding Flexible Demand Appliances to this docket. The rulemaking will establish standards and labeling requirements to expand on efforts to facilitate and deploy flexible demand technologies for appliances. 

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Load Management and Flexible Demand
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