Current Regulations

Modification of Regulations Governing the Power Source Disclosure Program- Effective May 4, 2020

This is an unofficial compilation of the Energy Commission’s regulations in the California Code of Regulations, title 20, sections 1391 to 1394. It is provided for informational purposes. The official regulations are maintained by the Office of Administrative Law and published in the California Code of Regulations. 

Prior Regulations

Annual Reporting Templates and Forms

The Energy Commission (CEC) has posted a review draft of the 2020 Power Source Disclosure (PSD) Annual Report template. This draft is strictly for review purposes and cannot be submitted for PSD reporting compliance.

The draft template reflects changes to the regulations governing the PSD Program (PSD Program Regulations) adopted by the CEC in December 2019 and approved by the Office of Administrative Law on May 4, 2020. The template includes a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity reporting component, with GHG emissions intensities of generators and unspecified power assigned according to Section 1393(c) of the PSD Program Regulations.

CEC staff encourages retail suppliers to review the template and provide feedback about the assigned emissions intensities by April 26, 2021. If there are generators that are missing from the list, please provide the facility name and EIA ID to staff. Staff will adjust the template as necessary, and post the final 2020 PSD Annual Report template and additional reporting instructions by April 30, 2021.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please refer to the PSD web page or contact PSD Program staff or (916) 639-0573. To receive notifications pertaining to the PSD program, please subscribe to the Power Source Disclosure listserv located on the PSD web page.

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