The annual planning renewable net short (RNS) determines the amount of new renewable generation capacity that must be built in California or delivered from out-of-state sources or both to meet the Renewables Portfolio Standards (RPS) target. The estimates are also used to evaluate the electricity infrastructure requirements for integrating new generation additions and identifying market mechanisms that may need to be modified to provide the ancillary services required to maintain reliable system operations.

The planning RNS does not take into account individual load-serving entity RPS procurement needs, only estimates for statewide renewable energy needs. The planning RNS evaluates the electricity infrastructure requirements for integrating additional generation and identifies market mechanisms that may be needed to provide ancillary services required to maintain system reliability.

The Existing Operational RPS Generation spreadsheet provides a list of existing and operating generators assumed RPS-eligible. The spreadsheet lists the operational RPS generators and future generation projects. The spreadsheet supports standardized statewide planning assumptions and is the basis for the statewide planning RNS.

Annual Planning Renewable Net Short and Existing Operational RPS Generation Reports 


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