Senate Bill 1389 (SB 1389, Bowen and Sher, Chapter 568, Statutes of 2002) requires the California Energy Commission to:

"[C]onduct assessments and forecasts of all aspects of energy industry supply, production, transportation, delivery and distribution, demand, and prices. The Energy Commission shall use these assessments and forecasts to develop energy policies that conserve resources, protect the environment, ensure energy reliability, enhance the state's economy, and protect public health and safety." (Pub. Res. Code § 25301(a)).

The California Energy Commission adopts an Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR, pronounced eye'-per) every two years and an update every other year. This proceeding, docket # 20-IEPR-01, will cover the 2020 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update.

2020 IEPR Update Scoping Order

This proceeding consists of the following dockets:

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