About Reports

AB 525 Reports: Offshore Renewable Energy

The CEC is leading the coordination of a strategic plan for offshore wind energy developments installed off the California coast in federal waters.

Building Decarbonization Assessment

For California to achieve its ambitious goals to combat climate change, the state must decarbonize buildings.

California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment

More than 50 statewide, regional, and technical reports make up the Fourth Climate Change Assessment

California’s Petroleum Market

Data on the petroleum industry.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Assessment - AB 2127

Assessing the charging infrastructure needed to support California’s 2030 goals for 5 million zero-emission vehicles.

Energy Storage Targets - Publicly Owned Utilities - AB 2514

The energy storage targets database houses reports that the publicly owned utilities submit.

Fuels Watch Report

Weekly reports on California’s refinery production activity and inventory levels.

Integrated Energy Policy Report - IEPR

The IEPR provides a cohesive approach to identifying and solving the state’s pressing energy needs and issues.

Petroleum Watch

Keep up to date with gasoline, diesel, and crude oil news by reading the California Energy Commission’s Petroleum Watch.

Reducing Impacts to Birds, Bats from Wind Energy

Learn how the California Energy Commission is working to reduce impacts to birds and bats from the development or repowering of wind energy projects.

SB 100 Joint Agency Report

Multiagency policy report on SB100 legislation requiring 100 percent renewable energy and zero-carbon sourcing of electric retail sales by 2045.