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Item_01a_600-21-004_Veloz_ADA.pdf.pdf 278.29 KB
Item_01b_600-21-003_The Regents of the University of California on behalf of the Davis Campus_ADA.pdf 301.99 KB
Item_03_DipperWells_OIR_ADA.pdf 118.01 KB
Item_04_TN239942_20211001T162324_Staff Analysis of Petition to Amend the Final Commission Decision_ADA.pdf 695.51 KB
Item_04a_SEGS X Order_ADA.pdf 141.47 KB
Item_05_Phase 2 Data Rulemaking Resolution Express Terms_ADA.pdf 500.13 KB
Item_06_ARV-17-050-01_StratosFuel Inc_ADA.pdf 290 KB
Item_07b_ARV-21-041_City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation_ADA.pdf 388.97 KB
Item_08_ARV-21-036_Momentum Dynamics Corporation_ADA.pdf 507.06 KB
Item_09a_ARV-21-038_Los Angeles Caean Incubator_ADA.pdf 350.78 KB
Item_09b_ARV-21-039_San Joaquin Regional Transit District_ADA.pdf 390.29 KB
Item_10_001-21-ECI_Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District_ADA.pdf 239.78 KB
Item_11_EPC-21-010_Electric Power Research Institute Inc_ADA.pdf 834.13 KB
Item_12_EPC-21-007_EIQ Mobility, Inc_ADA.pdf 394.33 KB
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