The feedback that the ombudsman receives from grant recipients helps ensure that:

  • The Energy Commission’s grant programs are effective and efficient.
  • The Energy Commission’s grant processes are clear and understandable.
  • Grant recipients have a positive experience with the Energy Commission.
  • Independence—The grants ombudsman is part of the Chair's Office, which is outside the Energy Commission staff’s chain of command. The ombudsman will report directly to the Energy Commission Chair
  • Impartiality — The ombudsman does not advocate for the grant recipient or the Energy Commission, but relays the comments received. If requested, the ombudsman may neutrally make recommendations to improve grant programs.
  • Confidentiality—Grant recipients may confide in the ombudsman without concern for reprisals because the comments will be relayed without attribution to the grant recipient. A grant recipient may request that his or her comments be attributable. The ombudsman will not testify about information received unless required by law.

The grants ombudsman welcomes comments from grant recipients about all facets of the Energy Commission’s grant programs.

The grants ombudsman will meet regularly with the commissioners as appropriate to share comments received. Upon request, the ombudsman may recommend changes to grant programs.

The ombudsman will not discuss matters in litigation or make decisions or legal determinations for the Energy Commission. Communications with the ombudsman will not suspend or otherwise affect any statutory, regulatory, or other applicable deadlines.

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