In accordance with the Government Modernization, Efficiency, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2005 (Figueroa, Chapter 686, Statutes of 2005), the California Energy Commission provides the customer service links for frequently asked questions, forms, and applications, and instructions for filling out complaints.

All public meeting notices and associated agendas are posted on the website. Please check the calendar for more information. The Energy Commission takes formal actions at its business meetings. Agendas for each meeting are on the Business Meetings page.


Check the proceedings/docket list for an individual proceeding. Subscribe to the proceeding by signing up for its list serve.

You may also subscribe to more than one active list by going to the Subscriptions page.

Items sent out include notices, orders, and upcoming events.

Under the Warren Alquist Act, the Public Advisor is nominated by the Energy Commission and appointed by the Governor for a three-year term to ensure the public has full and adequate participation in proceedings. More can be found by going to the Public Advisor’s Office.

To attend or participate in a business meeting please see the instructions in business meeting agendas.  CEC business meetings can be attended via zoom.  

For questions about how to join or participate in the business meetings, contact the Public Advisor at, or call 916-957-7910.

All laws, regulations, or executive orders that direct a public proceeding are explained in the main page of that proceeding. Check the proceedings/docket list.

Comment on any proceeding by emailing Dockets Office. Please provide the docket number of the proceeding in the subject line of the email. You may also participate in the discussions that precede the formal Energy Commission business meeting.


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Commission Business Meeting Agendas and Relevant Material