The following agencies have adopted energy ordinances requiring more stringent energy requirements than those set by California’s Energy Code (Title 24, Part 6). Application materials received from local jurisdictions can be found on the online docket log. To view documents associated with each ordinance, visit the Docket Log (22-BTSD-07) and search for the jurisdiction to locate the associated files. 

Local Ordinances Date
Topic Ordinance
City of Santa Clara July 26, 2023 Solar photovoltaic (PV) on new nonresidential, high-rise residential and motel/hotel buildings 2056
Encinitas January 25, 2023 Residential Retrofit Efficiency Improvements;
PV for High-Rise and Nonresidential Additions
Glendale April 12, 2023 PV for High-Rise Residential, Nonresidential, Multifamily and Hotel/Motel Buildings 5999
Los Angeles County June 16, 2023 Cool roofing requirements for residential and nonresidential buildings including some additions and alterations 2022-0056
Marin County April 12, 2023 Efficiency Improvements for both new and renovated Single Family, Multifamily, Hotel/Motel and Nonresidential Buildings 3776
Menlo Park April 12, 2023 PV for Hotel/Motel, High-Rise Multifamily, and Low-Rise Nonresidential Buildings 1093
Piedmont January 25, 2023 All-Electric SF NC, Residential Retrofit Efficiency Improvements, PV for Some Additions 766 N.S.
Solana Beach June 16, 2023 Solar photovoltaic (PV) on new nonresidential, high-rise residential and motel/hotel buildings 528


Local jurisdictions wishing to enforce locally adopted energy standards must submit an application addressed to the California Energy Commission (CEC) executive director. The application must contain the following documents:

  1. The proposed energy standards (signed and dated adopted ordinance), 
  2. The local jurisdiction’s findings and supporting analyses on the energy savings and cost-effectiveness of the proposed energy standards,
  3. A statement or finding by the local jurisdiction that the local energy standards will require buildings to be designed to consume no more energy than permitted by Title 24, Part 6, and 
  4. Any findings, determinations, declarations or reports, including any negative declaration or environmental impact report, required pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.

Questions and complete applications should be submitted to the CEC via email to Anushka Raut.

California Statewide Codes & Standards Program
The California Statewide Codes & Standards Program provides cost-effectiveness studies to assist local jurisdictions in considering ordinances that reach beyond the mandatory requirements of the Energy Code.  

BayREN Codes & Standards Program Reach Codes
The BayREN Codes & Standards Program is a joint effort of the Bay Area cities and counties to increase compliance with the California Energy Code and local ordinance development.

3C-REN Reach Code Support
Tri-County Regional Energy Network (3C-REN) supports San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties to deliver energy-saving programs and industry trainings that help reduce energy use, strengthen local job markets, and support efforts to achieve climate goals.


Anushka Raut