Program Information

Appliance Efficiency Program: Outreach and Education

Fact sheets, frequently asked questions, and training tools about the appliance efficiency requirements (Title 20).

Bright Schools Program

A wide range of technical assistance for California K-12 public school districts.

Building Energy Benchmarking Program

Reporting building characteristics and energy use data, known as benchmarking, is required for certain types of commercial and multifamily buildings.

Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Transforming California's buildings through standards for newly constructed buildings and alterations and additions to existing buildings.

Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development Program - BUILD

Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development (BUILD) Program is building decarbonization program.

California Clean Energy Jobs Act K-12 Program - Prop 39

Providing more than a billion dollars to California's K-12 schools for efficiency and renewable energy projects.

California Electric Homes Program - CalEHP

Incentive program for the construction of new market-rate residential buildings as all-electric buildings or/and with energy storage systems.

Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

Achieving greater efficiency in existing buildings will require an array of creative, systemic solutions. The strategic plan will guide these efforts.

Energy Innovation Ecosystem

The Energy Innovation Ecosystem provides networking, funding, and other support to help advance clean energy in innovation.

Energy Partnership Program

Technical assistance for cities; counties; special districts; and public colleges, universities hospitals, and care facilities.

Enforcement Case Settlements

The Office of Compliance Assistance and Enforcement enforces energy and water efficiency standards for appliances and new building construction.

Equitable Building Decarbonization Program

Promotes the decarbonization of existing buildings through a direct install program and an incentive program.

Gas Research and Development Program

Funds gas research, development, and demonstrations to support entrepreneurs; foster resiliency, health, and safety; and decarbonize gas end uses.

Home Energy Rating and Labeling Program

Generating market value for energy efficient and clean energy features in homes through rating and labeling.

Home Energy Rating System Program - HERS

The program addresses construction defects and poor equipment installation, including HVAC systems and insulation, by evaluating homes.

Inflation Reduction Act Residential Energy Rebate Programs

The Inflation Reduction Act provides funding for residential energy efficiency, high-efficiency electric appliances, and contractor training.

Local Government Challenge

A state and local government partnership to develop innovative solutions that will improve energy performance in communities.

Related Information

Appliance Efficiency Regulations - Title 20

Setting minimum efficiency levels for energy and water use in products produces significant savings without affecting the usefulness of the products.

Energy Efficiency Financing Opportunities

Energy efficiency funding for cities; counties; special districts; and public schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and care facilities.

Energy Efficiency Program Contact Information

Contact information for hotlines and call centers supporting the California Energy Commission’s energy efficiency programs.

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