The DOE Loan Programs Office (LPO), Title 17 Clean Energy Financing Program provides federal loans and loan guarantees for projects within the United States aimed at accelerating clean energy adoption with the goals of curbing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating air pollution. Eligible projects include those that utilize commercially available clean energy technologies, such as renewable energy systems; carbon capture and sequestration technologies; efficient electrical generation, transmission, and distribution; efficient end-use energy technologies; energy storage; industrial decarbonization; hydrogen fuel cell technologies; and production facilities for the manufacture of fuel-efficient vehicles or parts of those vehicles.

Clean energy projects that receive financial support in the form of loans or grants from a SEFI, including from the California Energy Commission, are eligible to apply. The Title 17 Clean Energy Financing Program extends additional financial backing to SEFI-supported projects that align federal and state energy and climate goals. SEFI-supported projects are not restricted by technology innovation requirements, thus expanding the pool of eligible projects including those that incorporate or aggregate a diverse range of commercial technologies.

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