The Renewable Energy Division is composed of two offices—the Technology and Incentives Office, and the Clean Energy Policy Office. 

The Technology and Incentives Office administers renewable energy programs offering loans, grants, and other incentive opportunities. The offices implement programs that provide technical expertise and assistance for other agencies and the public. Programs include the New Solar Homes Partnership, the Renewable Energy for Agriculture Program, and the Solar Equipment List Program.

The Clean Energy Policy Office works with California’s electricity providers and the public to implement programs central to meeting the state’s clean energy goals. Energy Commission staff develops the rules and regulations for key policies, provide technical support for other agencies and the public, and conduct analyses on the state’s clean energy progress. The office administers the Renewables Portfolio Standard and Power Source Disclosure programs. 

Local Energy Efficiency Financing

The division administers technical assistance programs to help public entities identify energy efficiency and renewable energy generation projects to save energy and money and increase comfort. The Energy Conservation Assistance Act revolving loan financing program provides low- to no- interest-rate loans to local governments, public K-12 schools, and other public institutions. Read more about local financing opportunities. 


Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy
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