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The staff at the California Energy Commission is committed to serving the public by providing all available information and public records at our disposal. To facilitate this commitment, the California Energy Commission's webmaster and staff promptly post all public documents on this website. As a result, our website is brimming with information. Most of the requests we receive are from people seeking information or records with which they are already familiar, such as, energy statistics, official docketed filings regarding power plant siting and compliance, renewable energy information, notices, press releases etc.

The Energy Commission's homepage categorizes information in a straightforward and logical layout. Please take some time to peruse the California Energy Commission's homepage. Chances are that the information you seek will be found by clicking through the relevant subject matter headings.

The California Energy Commission's website contains a search engine using Google technology in the upper right-hand corner to facilitate your search. Type in the word or phrase that identifies the information you want, and the Energy Commission's search engine will do the work for you. The search engine allows you to limit your search to the confines of the California Energy Commission's website or you may choose to expand your search to include other California State Government web pages.

In addition, you can find links to most subjects on our website using the Quicklinks page.

If you are still unable to find the information you are looking for after searching the California Energy Commission website (either on your own or by using the search engine), this does not necessarily mean that the information does not exist.

Please contact the Media and Public Communications office first at to help you find what you are looking for before making a formal Public Records Act request. Chances are staff there will be able to provide you with the information quickly and efficiently.

See our Frequently Asked Questions About the Public Records Act on our Public Adviser's page.

California Public Records Act Request Form

[California Government Code Section 6250 et seq.]

Note: The California Public Records Act does not require a requestor of information to identify themselves. However, if you wish to receive information electronically (that is, by a reply e-mail) then you must provide your e-mail address. If you wish to have the information mailed to you, we require your name and mailing address. If the information you seek is available and can be sent electronically, there will be no charge for the e-mail and attachments. However, if you wish paper/printed copies to be mailed to your address, we would require pre-payment of postage and copying costs (typically 10¢ per page, plus postage depedning on the size of the document). Since it is impossible to tell how much the copy cost will be until the records search is completed, we recommended that you provide a name and telephone number so we can provide you the actual dollar amount for photocopying costs.

The public is welcome to visit to the California Energy Commission's building in Sacramento to review and inspect documents at no charge during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for state holidays).

Name, E-mail, & Telephone

Mailing Address


Please describe as precisely as possible the Information/Public Records you seek.

In order for the California Energy Commission staff to serve you better, please include a telephone number where we can reach you during regular business hours in case we need to call you to further identify records or limit the search to only that information which you desire.