Established in 1975 by the Warren‐Alquist Act to respond to the energy crisis of the early 1970s, the agency’s research, programs and policies remain crucial today as the state plans for 100% clean energy and carbon neutrality by mid-century while it faces increasing impacts from the climate emergency including record heatwaves, wildfires, and unprecedented strain on the electricity grid.

CEC 45th Anniversary 

On Monday, December 7, the CEC hosted a virtual event featuring energy leaders reflecting on the CEC’s 45 year history of delivering results on key energy policies and looking ahead to future possibilities as California continues leading the transition to a clean energy future that’s reliable, resilient, affordable, and equitable for all.

Clean Energy Hall of Fame Awards

On Thursday, December 10, the CEC hosted the inaugural Clean Energy Hall of Fame Awards honoring the leadership and outstanding achievements of the array of individuals that help advance the work of the CEC and California’s clean energy goals. The awards aim to motivate and inspire all stakeholders to continue contributing to California to a 100 percent clean energy future for all by 2045.