COVID-19 and Service of Process

Important Notice from the California Energy Commission Regarding Service of Process

California Code of Regulations Title 20, section 1002 directs service of process on the Energy Commission to be made by personal service on the chair, executive director or chief counsel.

Due to the impacts on operations from the coronavirus, the commission will accept service via a notice of acknowledgment and receipt (CCP section 415.30) for the duration of the state of emergency, if the notice and the papers being served are emailed to the following agency email address:

**Please note if you are attempting to personally serve an employee of the Energy Commission, electronic service on the Energy Commission will not be accepted.**

In certain instances, copies of docketed material also are available at selected libraries throughout California and in communities affected by a proposed or permitted facility.

A party submitting a document to the Energy Commission can request that it be kept confidential by filing an application for confidential status.

The application must be approved by Energy Commission’s executive director. For more information on public participation in Energy Commission proceedings, visit the Public Advisor's Office.