Step 2: Search and Apply for Job Openings 

The California Energy Commission is recruiting for the positions listed below, which are open to individuals who have successfully passed an assessment/exam and are on an eligibility list. If you have not taken an exam, visit Exams/Assessments. Current or former state employees may be eligible for vacancies under transfer or reinstatement rules.

Review the job openings below and click on the Classification Title to view the description and duties, minimum requirements, position details, duty statement, and application instructions.  The duty statement will provide details of the work involved for the specific position.

Tip for Applying

Please review the minimum requirements (or minimum qualifications) within the class specification and ensure that your application package clearly indicates how you meet the minimum qualifications based on your experience and education

Classification Title

Date Posted

Office / Division

Final Filing Date


Air Pollution Specialist - RPA-610-148


Advanced Fuels & Vehicles Technologies
Fuels and Transportation Division

Until Filled

AirPS Exam

Air Pollution Specialist - RPA 320-287


Energy Generation Research Office
Energy Generation Research Office


AirPS Exam

Career Executive Assignment (C.E.A.) - Deputy Director 05/04/2020 Fuels and Transportation Division 5/22/2020 C.E.A. Exam

Electric Generation System Program Specialist I - RPA-350-224
(Will consider a Training and Development Assignment)


Energy Deployment and Market Facilitation Office
Energy Research and Development Division

Until Filled


Energy Analyst – RPA 830-337 5/22/2020

Energy Assessments Division/Demand Analysis Office

6/2/2020 Energy Analyst Exam
Energy Resources Specialist III (Supervisory) – RPA 330-225 4/30/2020

Energy Systems Research Office
Energy Research and Development Division 

6/1/2020 ERSIII Exam
Energy Resources Specialist III (Managerial) RPA 430-229  6/01/2020 Efficiency Division 6/11/2020 ERSIII Exam
Legal Secretary RPA-140-321 04/24/2020 Chief Counsel Office 06/12/2020 LS Exam
Utilities Engineer - RPA-310-272
Training and Development Assignments may be considered
02/07/2020 Energy Efficiency Research Office
Energy Research and Development Division
Until Filled UE Exam


The California Energy Commission's Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator is available to help you start your career today.

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