The following photos of the Energy Commission building and the commissioners are available for use for marketing materials as needed.  

To download files, right-click the link (option mouse click on a Mac) to force download the file to your computer's hard drive.

Note: Some files are VERY large.

Commissioner Color Photo
David Hochschild
Hochschild Color (300 dpi .jpg file) 1.3 MB
Karen Douglas
Douglas Color (300 dpi .jpg file) 818 kb
Andrew McAllister
McAllister Color (300 dpi .jpg file) 725 kb
Patty Monahan
Monahan Color (300 dpi .jpg file) 2.37 MB
Siva Gunda
Gunda Color (300 dpi .jpg file) 20.6 MB

Executive Color Photo
Executive Director
Drew Bohan
Bohan Color (300 dpi .jpg file) 682 kb

Building Color Photo
California Energy Commission Building Commission Building - 180 dpi JPG file 1.6 MB