The following agencies have adopted energy ordinances requiring more stringent energy requirements than those set by California’s Energy Code (Title 24, Part 6). Application materials received from local jurisdictions can be found on the online docket log. To view documents associated with each ordinance, visit the Docket Log (19-BTSD-06) and search for the jurisdiction to locate the associated files.

Local Ordinances Date Approved Topics
Alameda 11-Aug-21 All-Electric, Additional PV
Albany 12-May-21 Electric Preferred
Berkeley 20-Feb-20 Electric Preferred,  Additional PV
Brisbane 20-Feb-20 Electric Preferred,  Additional PV
Burlingame 14-Oct-20 All-Electric, Additional PV
(3 ordinances: #1979, #1980, #1981)
Campbell 25-Jan-21 All-Electric
Chula Vista 25-Jan-21 Energy Efficient Remodels & Additions
Cupertino 8-Apr-20 All-Electric, LEED or Green Point Rated
Daly City 15-Jul-21 All-electric, Additional PV
Davis 12-Aug-20
Additional PV, CalGreen Tier 1
East Palo Alto 9-Dec-20 All-Electric, Additional PV
Hayward 10-Jun-20 All-Electric, Electric Preferred
Healdsburg 20-Feb-20 Electric Preferred
Los Altos 25-Jan-21 All-Electric
(3 ordinances: 2020-470 A, B, & C)
Los Altos Hills 9-Dec-20 Electric Preferred
Los Angeles County 8-Apr-20 Cool Roofs, Additional PV
Los Gatos 20-Feb-20 All-Electric, Prewire for Battery Storage
Marin County 11-Dec-19 Electric Preferred, CalGreen Tier 1
Millbrae 25-Jan-21 All-Electric, Additional PV
Menlo Park 11-Dec-19 Electric Preferred, Additional PV
Mill Valley 8-Apr-20 Electric Preferred, Additional PV
Milpitas 20-Feb-20 Electric Preferred, Additional PV or Solar Thermal
Mountain View 20-Feb-20 All-Electric, Additional PV, LEED Rated
Pacifica 8-Apr-20 All-Electric, Electric Preferred, Additional PV
Palo Alto 20-Feb-20 All-Electric, Electric Preferred, Additional PV
Piedmont 12-May-21 All-Electric New Homes, Energy Efficient remodels and Additions, Additional PV
Redwood City 9-Dec-20 All-Electric, Additional PV
Richmond 10-Jun-20 All-Electric, Electric Preferred, Additional PV
San Anselmo 9-Sept-10 All-Electric, Electric Preferred
San Carlos 12-May-21 All-Electric, Additional PV
San Francisco 8-Apr-20 Electric Preferred, Additional PV, Solar Thermal, Green Roof, LEED or Green Point Rated
San Jose 11-Dec-19 Electric Preferred, Additional PV
San Luis Obispo 12-Aug-20 Electric-preferred, Additional PV
San Mateo 9-Dec-20 All-Electric
San Mateo County 9-Sept-20 All-Electric, Additional PV
San Rafael 8-Apr-20 CalGreen Tier 1
Santa Monica 11-Dec-19 Electric Preferred, Additional PV
Santa Rosa 20-Feb-20 All-Electric, Additional PV
Saratoga 8-Apr-20 Electric Preferred
Sunnyvale 25-Jan-21 All-Electric, Additional PV
West Hollywood 11-Dec-19 Additional PV, Solar Thermal, Green Roof
Windsor 20-Feb-20 All-Electric

Local jurisdictions wishing to enforce locally adopted energy standards must submit an application with the following materials to the executive director:

  1. The proposed energy standards,
  2. The local jurisdiction’s findings and supporting analyses on the energy savings and cost effectiveness of the proposed energy standards,
  3. A statement or finding by the local jurisdiction that the local energy standards will require buildings to be designed to consume no more energy than permitted by Part 6, and
  4. Any findings, determinations, declarations or reports, including any negative declaration or environmental impact report, required pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.

Questions and complete applications can be submitted to the CEC using the contact information in the right-hand column.