The California Energy Commission’s Office of Compliance Assistance and Enforcement enforces energy and water efficiency standards for appliances and new building construction to support a fair marketplace and ensure Californians receive the cost savings and environmental benefits from these standards. The program enforces the appliance standards through product testing, engagement with manufacturers and retailers, compliance assistance and education, issuance of penalties, and other enforcement actions.

Cases settled through the mutual settlement program or resolved through administrative and civil proceedings are stored in a database by year.  Each case has a different set of facts, so prior settlements do not indicate future settlements.

Case Settlements Database


Public Resources Code section 25402.11 and Title 20 California Code of Regulations (section 1609) provide the Energy Commission's authority to impose penalties for violating the appliance efficiency standards and sets factors to consider when determining an appropriate penalty. Regulated entities should monitor all product lines to ensure compliance with the state's energy and water efficiency standards.

Public Resources Code section 25534(b) gives the Energy Commission’s authority to impose penalties for noncompliant thermal power plants with generating capacity of 50 megawatts or more and any related facilities. (Public Resources Code sections 25110, 25120). Regulated entities should monitor their facilities to ensure compliance.



Title 20 Compliance Assistance