Under the authority granted by Assembly Bill 844 (Nation, 2003), the Energy Commission is mandated to adopt and implement a statewide Replacement Tire Efficiency Program for replacement tires for passenger cars and light-duty trucks, to ensure that replacement tires sold in California are at least as energy efficient as the tires sold as original equipment on the vehicles.

An Order Instituting Information (OII) is the first step that may lead to a rulemaking and other program activities. Coordination and information sharing with all stakeholders is crucially important during the OII process.

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Benefits of Low Rolling Resistance Replacement Tires

Low rolling resistance replacement tires for passenger vehicles and light trucks improve vehicle fuel economy leading to the following expected benefits:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1 million metric tons per year
  • Offer an affordable way for individual Californians to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhance efficiency of passenger vehicles and light trucks in line with the original tires sold with the vehicle
  • Reduce fuel costs to consumers driving combustion vehicles and zero-emission vehicles
  • Reduce tailpipe emissions contributing to ozone formation and unhealthy air

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