The Climate Data and Analysis Working Group (C-DAWG) is a forum for technical discussion regarding issues at the nexus of climate change and California’s energy system. It informs planning and execution of applied research that supports development of climate projections, wildfire and hydrologic scenarios, quality-controlled historical weather data, and analyses that contribute to a resilient transition to a 100% clean energy system.

  • Advancing California’s Electricity Resource Planning Tools to Assess and Improve Climate Resilience (EPC-22-001)
  • Climate-Informed Load Forecasting & Electric Grid Modeling to Support a Climate Resilient Transition to Zero-Carbon Goals (EPC-21-041)
  • Climate-Informed Energy Sector Adaptation Planning Web Application via Cal-Adapt (EPC-21-038)
  • Climate-Informed Generation Capacity Modeling to Support a Climate Resilient Transition to a Clean Electricity System (EPC-21-037)
  • Development of Climate Projections for California and Identification of Priority Projections (EPC-20-006)
  • A Co-Produced Climate Data and Analytics Platform to Support California's Electricity Resilience (EPC-20-007) (Project site)
  • Climate Analytics to Support Natural Gas Sector Utilities: Actionable, Responsive and Open Solutions for Historical Climate Needs in California (PIR-19-006) 
  • Development and Evaluation of a High-Resolution Historical Climate Dataset over California (PIR-19-007)
  • Developing Next Generation Cal-Adapt Features to Support Natural Gas Sector Resilience (PIR-17-012)
  • Comprehensive Open Source Development of Next Generation Wildfire Models for Grid Resiliency (EPC-18-026) (Project site)
  • California Biopower Impacts Project: Climate and Air Pollution Impacts of Generating Biopower from Forest Residues in California (final report) (CBREC tool)

  • Distributional Impacts of Climate Change from California’s Electricity Sector (final report)

  • Intraurban Enhancements to Probabilistic Climate Forecasting for the Electric System (final report)

  • Increasing the Resiliency of the Northern California Natural Gas System to Reduce Vulnerability to Climate Change (final report)

  • Multihazard Investigation of Climate Vulnerability of the Natural Gas Energy System (final report)

  • Weather and Climate Informatics for the Electricity Sector, Subdaily Observations and the Predictability of Extreme Heat Events (final report)

  • From Past to Future of Home Energy: Applying History and a “What-If” Sandbox to Inform Energy Systems Transitions (final report)

  • Visualizing Climate-Related Risks to the Electricity Sector Using Cal-Adapt (final report)

  • Building a Climate Change- Resilient Electricity System for Meeting California’s Energy and Environmental Goals (final report)

  • Climate, Drought, and Sea Level Rise Scenarios for California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment (final report)

  • Wildfire Simulations for California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment: Projecting Changes in Extreme Wildfire Events with a Warming Climate (final report)

  • Projected Changes in California’s Precipitation Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves (report)

  • Statistical Prediction of Minimum and Maximum Air Temperature in California and Western North America (report)

  • Subseasonal to Seasonal Temperature Prediction Skill over California Region from Global Dynamical Forecasts (report)

  • Cumulative Global CO2 Emissions and Their Climate Impacts from Local through Regional Scales (report)

  • Cal-Adapt: Linking Climate Science with Energy Sector Resilience and Practitioner Need (report)

  • High Resolution Measurement of Levee Subsidence Related to Natural Gas Infrastructure in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (final report)

  • Assessing Extreme Weather-Related Vulnerability and Identifying Resilience Options for California's Interdependent Transportation Fuel Sector (final report)

  • The Adaption Blind Spot: Teleconnected and Cascading Impacts of Climate Change on the Electrical Grid and Lifelines in Los Angeles (final report)

  • Assessing the Impact of Wildfires on the California Electricity Grid (final report)

  • Climate Adaptive Response Estimation: Short and Long Run Impacts of Climate Change on Residential Electricity and Natural Gas Consumption Using Big Data (final report)

  • Sixteen Ways Energy Efficiency Researchers See People + Why it Matters for Climate Change (report)

  • Modeling and Observations to Detect Neighborhood-Scale Heat Islands and Inform Effective Countermeasures in Los Angeles (report)

  • Climate Change in Los Angeles County: Grid Vulnerability to Extreme Heat (final report)

  • Feather River Hydrologic Observatory: Improving Hydrological Snowpack Forecasting for Hydropower Generation Using Intelligent Information Systems (final report

  • Rising Seas and Electricity Infrastructure: Potential Impacts and Adaptation Options for San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) (final report)

  • Potential Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Actions for Gas Assets in the San Diego Gas and Electric Company Service Area (final report)

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Climate Data and Analysis Working Group (C-DAWG)