Title 24, Part 6 Sections 150.1(c)7A and 150.2(b)1E provide exceptions to refrigerant charge verification based on use of a fault indicator display (FID) that meets requirements specified in Joint Appendix JA 6.1.

The Nonresidential and Residential Alternative Calculation Method (RACM) Reference Manuals provide compliance credit for indoor air quality FID systems which meet the requirements listed in the RACM Reference Manual. A copy of the section containing these requirements is referenced below.

Persons wishing to certify that their FID conforms to either of these FID requirements shall use the following declaration statement:




Submit forms and questions to:

JA 6.1 FID: Thao Chao, 916-776-7974
RACM IAQ FID: RJ Wichert, 916-897-3450