Low-static system certification 

If the Variable Capacity Heat Pump (VCHP) compliance option credit is claimed on the performance certificate of compliance, and the installed single-split or multiple-split VCHP systems are ducted, equipment models must be certified to the California Energy Commission (CEC). Certification confirms the systems meet the definition for a low-static pressure system as defined in 10 CFR Parts 429 and 430Docket No. EERE–2016–BT–TP–0029, Federal Register Vol. 82, No. 3, January 5, 2017. 

A listing of manufacturers' certified VCHP system model numbers will be published on the CEC website. The following definitions are applicable to VCHP system types:

  • A low-static blower coil system produces greater than 0.01 inch of water and a maximum of 0.35 inch of water external static pressure when operated at the cooling full-load air volume rate not exceeding 400 cubic feet per minute (cfm) per rated ton of cooling.
  • Single-split system means a split system that has one outdoor unit and one indoor unit connected with a single refrigeration circuit.
  • Multiple-split (or multi-split) system means a split system that has one outdoor unit and two or more coil-only indoor units and/or blower coil indoor units connected with a single refrigerant circuit.

Default noncontinuous fan operation certification

The manufacturer may also elect to certify to the CEC that a ducted low-static indoor unit and outdoor unit system combination does not operate the indoor unit fan continuously by default. This certification is required in order to receive credit for the fan energy component of the VCHP compliance option. Default operation is how the system operates when the system is purchased and installed without making any changes to any control settings. In order for the system to receive the fan energy credit, the fan shall not operate continuously by default during times when the system is not providing any cooling or heating. When noncontinuous fan operation credit is claimed, field verification shall confirm a fan’s operation.

Air handler fan configuration settings documentation

Ducted VCHP systems are required to meet a minimum airflow rate target. However, default indoor unit fan configuration settings may require modification in order for airflow to meet the required rate. Therefore, the manufacturer shall also submit an electronic copy, or a link to an electronic copy of the model's published product documentation. Documentation must provide direction for configuring the indoor unit fan for operation at airflow rates equal to or greater than the minimum rates required for compliance. The required airflow rates are as follows:

  • For single-split systems and packaged systems, the minimum airflow rate is 350 cfm per nominal ton of outdoor unit cooling capacity.
  • For multiple-split systems, the minimum airflow rate is 350 cfm per nominal ton of indoor unit cooling capacity.

Submittal to the CEC

Manufacturers are required to submit VCHP system certification information to the CEC electronically, using the declaration document available using the link below. Indoor unit and outdoor unit combinations are required to be shown in the same row in the table. Use additional rows or pages, as needed.


System Installers and HERS Raters are required to document compliance using the VCHP Eligibility Verification Protocols.