Distributed Energy Resources

Distributed generation, storage, electric vehicle chargers, grid-interactive buildings and microgrids, energy efficiency, and demand response.


Assessments of grid resources needed to meet demand under different scenarios.

Forecasts and System Planning

Modeling, data, scenarios, results, and planning deliverables related to the dynamic aspects of forecasting.

Land Use Screens

Spatial data and a report that describes methods for creating land-use screens for electric system planning.

Inputs and Assumptions

Distinct information, data, and products which feed into larger deliverables.

Calendar of Annual Products/Updates

The CEC produces deliverables that are frequently requested and updated annually. The following calendar visual highlights the name and corresponding timeline of release for the California Energy Demand Forecast, Demand Scenarios, Winter Reliability Report, California Reliability Outlook, and Summer Stack Analysis. Additional products and reports may be released throughout the year.

California Energy Planning Library Release Calendar (clockwise): January - CA Energy Demand Forecast. Spring - Summer Stack Analysis. Fall - California Reliability Outlook (CRO) and Winter Reliability (Natural Gas)