The Energy Partnership Program is not currently accepting applications. We anticipate reopening the program later in 2024. If you would like to receive announcements related to the program, subscribe to the Energy Partnership Program in the SUBSCRIBE box. You can also send an inquiry by clicking Energy Partnership Program in the CONTACT box.

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • County Offices of Education
  • Special districts
  • Public hospitals
  • Public care facilities
  • Public Colleges or Universities


  • The Energy Partnership Program can be used to:
  • Conduct energy audits and prepare feasibility studies
  • Review existing proposals and designs
  • Develop equipment performance specifications
  • Review equipment bid specifications
  • Assist with contractor selection
  • Review commissioning plans

Facilities built with energy-efficient designs cost less to operate. That means continuous savings from the first day of operation. It is possible to reduce energy consumption significantly below the state's minimum Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24). The Energy Partnership Program provides technical assistance to architectural and engineering teams early in the design phase, before the plans are finalized.

The program can help by:

  • Providing design review consultation.
  • Identifying cost-effective, energy-saving measures.
  • Comparing different technologies.
  • Reviewing schematics and construction plans.
  • Providing equipment specification consultation.
  • Developing computer simulation models of the planned project.
  • Helping select experienced professionals with energy efficiency expertise.
  • Assisting with system commissioning.

In most cases, there is no cost for the Energy Partnership Program. The Energy Commission provides technical assistance services up to $20,000 of a consultant's costs. The cost of a study depends on the facility size, type, and scope of the project. If the cost of the study exceeds $20,000, the applicant may opt to share in the cost or reduce the scope. The Energy Commission contracts with experienced engineering and architectural consultants who provide the technical assistance. 

The program is a continuously open with no final filing date. However, program funds are limited, so filing promptly helps increase the chance of receiving assistance. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Applicants must meet the following program selection criteria: commitment to implementing energy efficiency recommendations, high-energy cost per square footage, and potential for energy savings. The application and governing board resolution must indicate how the applicant plans to fund the energy efficiency project recommendations.

The Energy Commission offers zero- and low-interest loans. For more information, go to the Energy Conservation Assistance Act page

Application Process: How to Apply for Technical Assistance

The Energy Commission must have a governing board resolution before providing technical assistance. The sample resolution is available as a PDF or Word document. 

For all buildings needing technical assistance, provide supplemental information, such as: 

  • Latest 12 months of gas and electric utility bills. 
  • Past energy studies.
  • Preliminary plans or proposals.

Email complete application, governing board resolution, and supplemental information at   


Energy Partnership Program



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