The Natural Gas Research Program invests $20 million a year to support projects that: 

  • Lower the cost and improve the performance of low-carbon gas products, infrastructure, and services.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from gas sources through increased efficiency.
  • Reduce vulnerabilities and fugitive methane emissions in gas infrastructure.
  • Drive customer adoption of energy-efficient and low-carbon technology solutions for gas end uses.
  • Minimize air quality impacts from gas use to zero or near-zero levels.
  • Advance gas pipeline and infrastructure safety.

These projects are geared toward improving entrepreneurial support; resiliency, health, and safety; building decarbonization; gas system decarbonization; industrial and agricultural innovation; and transportation in California.

Broader Participation Equals Greater Innovation

The Energy Commission is committed to increasing diversity in the energy sector, and women-owned, minority, disabled veteran, and LGBTQ business enterprises are encouraged to apply for funding opportunities. The Energy Commission is also committed to ensuring all Californians can benefit from its gas research.

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