The CEC is establishing the Offshore Wind Waterfront Facility Improvement Grant Program to implement the provisions of Assembly Bill 209 (The Energy and Climate Change budget bill, Chapter 251, Section 12, Chapter 7.6, Article 6, enacted in September 2022) to support offshore wind infrastructure improvements in order to advance the capabilities of California waterfront facilities.

The grant program supports three categories of infrastructure improvements:

  • Category I activities support developing individual or regional retrofit concepts and investment plans.
  • Category II activities support final design, engineering, environmental studies and review, and construction of retrofits.
  • Category III activities include cost share funding to an eligible applicant that receives a federal award for purposes consistent with Category I or Category II activities.

Additionally, funding may be allocated to activities related to preliminary engineering and environmental review work, including taking actions and preparing material to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (Division 13 [commencing with Section 21000]) or federal environmental laws.

  • Assembly Bill 209
  • The Budget Act of 2022, as amended by Assembly Bill 179 (2022), appropriates $45,000,000 to the CEC to administer and provide incentives to support offshore wind infrastructure improvements and requires that the CEC expend or encumber the funds by June 30, 2025 and make available for liquidation until June 30, 2029.

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Offshore Wind Waterfront Facility Improvement Program