The division is organized into several offices. They include: 

Licensing and Compliance 

The Licensing Office manages the staff’s review of power plant applications. The Compliance Office ensures power plants remain in compliance with their conditions of certification. 

Environmental Protection

The Environmental Protection Office performs independent field investigations; prepares in-depth environmental analyses; helps ensure conditions of certification are met during construction, operation, and decommissioning of licensed power plants; and conducts outreach to California Native American tribes. 


The Engineering Office evaluates and presents expert testimony on power plant construction, operation, and decommissioning.

Strategic Transmission Planning and Corridor Designation

The Strategic Transmission Planning and Corridor Designation Office conducts transmission system planning, transmission engineering analyses, and transmission corridor designation analyses. The office also examines statewide electric transmission issues and assesses the value of proposed in-state and interstate transmission expansion projects.

Administration and Special Projects

The Administration and Special Projects Office performs administrative functions for the division, tracks relevant legislation, and administers division contracts and interagency agreements.