Facilities wanting to take part in the RPS program must meet eligibility criteria about the energy resource type used, location requirements, metering techniques, and many other factors. Refer to the RPS Eligibility Guidebook for the full details of these facility requirements as well as its corresponding RPS Resolution No. 17-0712-04. Previous guidebook editions are also available.

In addition to RPS requirements, facilities must be approved and tracked in the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS). California’s RPS program uses WREGIS to track the generation and renewable energy credits (RECs) created by the generators within RPS-certified facilities.

Facilities interested in gaining RPS certification must apply via the RPS Online System. Instructions are under the “Help” link in the online system.

Facilities must have started commercial operations to be RPS-certified. However, renewable facilities that are not yet operating or have not completed construction may apply for precertification. The Energy Commission will verify the information submitted once the facility is operational under the RPS Eligibility Guidebook that is in place when the facility applies for RPS certification.

Facilities that have applied to the RPS program and the current certification status for each facility can be found by going to the RPS Online System. Use the Public Search feature on the home screen before logging in. The list is updated in real time to reflect changes in certification status or facility submittals that the Energy Commission receives.

RPS Guidebook
The guidebook describes the eligibility requirements and processes for certifying renewable resources as eligible for California's RPS and describes how the Energy Commission tracks and verifies compliance with the RPS.

RPS Online System

A web-based online system used to streamline the RPS certification application and reporting processes.



The Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS) is used for RPS generation tracking. All RPS-certified facilities must be registered and approved in WREGIS.


Renewables Portfolio Standards Program


RPS Track


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